Resignation: Deal with an employee's resignation

When to use this workflow

Use this workflow to deal with an employee's resignation, bearing in mind the employee's contractual obligations regarding matters such as notice, restrictive covenants and the return of company property.

The workflow covers the practicalities of placing an employee on garden leave, and also deals with the situation where the employer persuades the employee to stay.

This workflow is an example of a legally compliant process. Where your organisation's own procedures go beyond the procedure set out in this workflow, you should follow these.

Workflow authors: Produced by the XpertHR editorial team with the assistance of Ben Roberts.

Key Steps

  • Check the employee's contractual obligations (eg notice period and restrictive covenants)
  • Accept resignation in writing confirming termination date based on full notice period
  • Decide arrangements for a replacement and the announcement of the employee's departure
  • Conduct exit interview or ask the employee to complete a separation questionnaire
  • Employee's last day: recover company property from employee

Key "What if?" Events

  • What if? … the employee retracts his or her resignation
  • What if? … the employee who has resigned begins to underperform during his or her notice period
  • What if? … the employee who has resigned fails to return company property
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