Paternity: Handle a paternity leave and pay request (UK adoption situation)

When to use this workflow

Use this workflow when an employee informs you that he or she plans to take paternity leave in respect of a newly adopted child that is expected to be placed with the employee and his or her partner shortly.

Eligible employees have the right to take either one or two consecutive weeks’ paternity leave for the purpose of caring for their new son or daughter, around the time of the child's adoption. They may also be entitled to receive statutory paternity pay.

This workflow is an example of a legally compliant process. Where your organisation's own procedures go beyond the procedure set out in this workflow, you should follow these.

Workflow authors: Produced by the XpertHR editorial team.

Key Steps

  • Check that employee has given the required notice and satisfied the evidential requirements for paternity leave [and pay]
  • Respond to the employee confirming his or her statutory paternity leave [and pay] arrangements
  • Check that the employee has provided the child's actual date of placement for adoption

Key "What if?" Events

  • What if? ... the employee wants to change the start date of paternity leave
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