Gender pay gap reporting service


Take your reporting to the next level

We help organisations like yours compile and understand their gender pay gap figures

Why choose XpertHR?

Our legal compliance and data processing expertise gives you peace of mind when publishing your results. We will identify the precise location of your gender pay gaps, enabling you to formulate policy-level interventions.


  • Accurate reporting

    Rigorous, high-quality checks ensure your report is accurate and compliant.

  • Quick turnaround

    You will receive your report on time (there is a deadline to submit your data).

  • Help and support

    Our experts will guide you through the results in a dedicated analysis session.

  • Data protection

    Our secure GDPR-compliant portal ensures safe handling of your data.

You can choose from

  • Standard report

    The standard report provides all metrics you need to publish in order to comply with the regulations. You’ll also receive benchmarks for the whole economy, your industry, and trend metrics showing how your pay gap has changed.

  • Enhanced report

    The enhanced report includes everything from the standard report, plus detailed analysis to help you quantify and locate gender pay gaps across locations, age groups, departments, seniority bands and other relevant factors.

  • XpertHR Gender pay gap reporting includes industry and whole economy benchmarks, as well as guidance on how to protect your organisation's reputation when reporting.

    Hundreds of organisations have used the XpertHR Gender pay gap reporting service over the past few years to understand and report their gender pay gap data ahead of the legal deadline. You can get similar peace of mind by joining them now.

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The service from start to finish has been excellent. We will certainly be using XpertHR again next year.
HR Projects Manager, Ricoh UK

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