Gender pay gap reporting

Are you prepared to report your gender pay gap?

All private-sector employers with 250 employees or more will be legally obliged to report on their gender pay gap and gender bonus gap by April 2018. Do you know what your gender pay gap is?

XpertHR has produced a special guide for employers, explaining why they should act now to make sure they understand the size of their gender pay gap and give themselves time to develop a plan to address it.

This XpertHR "how to" guide explores gender pay gap reporting and includes:

  • What it is.
  • How to calculate it.
  • What details you need to provide.

XpertHR's Gender Pay Gap Reporting Service

The XpertHR Gender Pay Gap Reporting Service takes the worry out of calculating your pay gap metrics, providing a confidential bespoke report based on your raw data and setting out the figures you need to report.

We also provide standard industry and whole-economy benchmarks and guidance on how to protect your organisation's reputation when reporting.

More than 150 organisations took part in the XpertHR Gender Pay Gap Reporting Service during our 2016 dry run, enabling them to understand their data ahead of the legal deadline. You can get similar peace of mind by joining them now.

Gender Pay Gap Overview Video