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The HR function is being transformed in organisations across the world, helping define and deliver business strategy while reducing costs and continuously improving operating effectiveness through HR system and process improvements and evaluation of data, shared services, outsourcing and employee self-service.

We can work with you to:

  • Drive increased efficiency and productivity to demonstrate added value for your organisation.
  • Devolve people management tasks and empower your line managers, allowing HR to focus on delivering strategic objectives.
  • Upskill your employees to deal with challenging people management situations and increase staff performance and engagement.
  • Provide consistent and authoritative HR and compliance guidance in multiple locations and jurisdictions.
  • Deliver valuable insight back to your business, through case tracking and benchmarking data.

We can help you deliver the tools you need to transform your HR function and meet strategic business objectives. Delivery of our expert content and guidance can be tailored to your needs and integrated with your HR systems. We can collaborate with key partners to offer you a flexible and sustainable solution, enabling HR to add increased value to your organisation.

Talk to our experts and we'll work with you to define the best solution for your needs.

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Don’t just take our word for it - here are just a few things that our customers had to say about how we’ve helped them achieve their strategic objectives:

Deliver a high-value compliance solution

An NHS trust wanted to give its line managers greater confidence in dealing with common workplace issues in line with the law and good practice but without having to learn new applications or tools.

We worked with the trust's HR and technical teams to provide:

  • line manager briefings
  • "how to" guidance
  • employment law FAQs

The solution covered the entire employment lifecycle via an automated feed directly into the trust's intranet, making it easily accessible for all managers and delivering a high-value, cost-effective compliance solution.

Save valuable HR resource by upskilling managers

The HR team of a large UK hotel chain were struggling with:

  • an unmanageable workload
  • no clarity on the responsibilities of their employee relations advisers, administrators and business partners
  • a huge volume of calls with the team duplicating effort in supporting managers to find policy documentation, checking routine documents and assisting in simple people management activities

As the business is 24/7 they wanted to provide 24/7 support for their managers with all of the necessary guidance, templates and policies in a digestible format, in an easy to access online portal. Working with XpertHR consultants, the team were able to understand, streamline and document their key people management processes, addressing specific problem areas.

We provided interactive Liveflo workflows to:

  • upskill managers and equip them with the information and resources they need to deal with issues safely, effectively and confidently
  • minimise risk and clearly communicate when to involve HR and when it’s not necessary
  • establish the message that managers, not HR, are responsible for managing people, thus reducing the number of calls and allowing HR resources to be redirected to important strategic business projects

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