Seamlessly connect and centralise your HR data to drive big picture decision-making

­Today’s ever-evolving environment requires organisations to constantly be ready to adapt, bringing more reliance on the data-led insights required for agile decision-making.

However, the increasing number of disparate and incompatible HR systems act as a huge obstacle to centralising people data and the ability to view the bigger picture.

New research by Sierra Cedar shows that the average number of HR systems of record increased from 8 to 11 this year.

Josh Bersin, in The Employment Experience Platform Market has arrived

Interlok™ connects all your HR systems in real-time - whether data is between applications, in the cloud or between the cloud - allowing for a 360-degree view of your business and its people.

Interlok™ is an existing technology which has been used in the agricultural sector for years. XpertHR is pioneering the technology in the HR sector, solving similar data connectivity issues for HR professionals.

Key features

  • Seamlessly connects to hundreds of applications and data standards, ensuring that systems that speak different digital languages can work together.
  • Provides a 360-degree view of your people by bringing all of your relevant data together in one place, helping you to quantify your business decisions.
  • Combines data integration with people data expertise providing crucial data-led insights for your business.
  • Loads into a data visualisation or analytics tool of your choice.
  • Secure and GDPR compliant, no need for offline manual interventions.
  • Easy to maintain, with access to an extensive roadmap of enhancements and new features.
  • Alerts on business-critical downtime making it easy to plan ahead accordingly.

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