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Pay-related news releases

Pay awards stabilise after a year of uncertainty, according to XpertHR
Embargoed until: Thursday 19 August 2021
The latest data from XpertHR shows that there is some welcome stabilisation on pay after the median pay award fell to nil this time last year.

Pay awards double in first six months of 2021, according to XpertHR
Thursday 22 July 2021
The latest data from XpertHR shows that pay awards in the second quarter of the year are worth double those in the first quarter of 2021.

Pay awards reach highest level in six months, according to XpertHR
Thursday 24 June 2021
The latest data from XpertHR shows that pay awards have nudged upwards in the three months to the end of May 2021, with the median reaching its highest level for six months.

April pay deals give some cause for optimism
Embargoed until: Thursday 20 May 2021
XpertHR’s headline figure has reached its highest level since November 2020, but pay awards are still worth less than a year ago, according to the latest research from pay analysts XpertHR.

Hopes of higher pay rises around the corner
Thursday 22 April 2021
Pay awards in the first quarter of 2021 are confirmed at less than half the value of those concluded in the same period a year ago, according to the latest research from pay analysts XpertHR. But there are signs of growth to come.

Pay rises predicted at 2% in 2021
Thursday 18 March 2021
XpertHR’s latest research into private-sector employers’ pay intentions for 2021 suggests that last year’s reading of lower pay awards and an influx of pay freezes is likely to be repeated.

One-third of organisations freeze pay
Thursday 18 February 2021
Pay rises have fallen to their lowest level since summer 2020, according to the latest research from pay analysts XpertHR.

Low pay awards likely to persist
Thursday 21 January 2021
Our analysis this month wraps up pay awards for 2020, with provisional findings from pay analysts XpertHR showing that pay awards remain steady in the three months to the end of December 2020 - but lower awards are likely in 2021.

Pay awards limp towards year end
Thursday 17 December 2020
As the year draws to a close, pay awards in the three months to the end of November 2020 remain depressed, according to the latest findings from pay analysts XpertHR.

Pay freezes linger among struggling employers
Thursday 19 November 2020
Private-sector pay awards continue to sit below levels seen a year ago as pay freezes linger among struggling employers, according to the latest research from pay analysts XpertHR.

Low pay rises forecast for 2021
Thursday 22 October 2020
Wage growth is expected to remain depressed in the year ahead, according to the latest research from pay analysts XpertHR.

Pay freeze sets in
Thursday 24 September 2020
The summer of 2020 has seen pay awards plummet to their lowest level since 2009, according to XpertHR's latest provisional analysis.

Private-sector pay awards take a dive
Thursday 20 August 2020
The headline pay award has fallen to 0.5% in the three months to 31 July 2020, down from the 2.2% seen in each of the three previous rolling quarters, according to provisional analysis from pay analysts XpertHR.

Private-sector pay awards stumble as wage freezes multiply
Tuesday 21 June 2020
The median basic increase across the three-month period to 30 June 2020 stands at 2.2%, according to the latest findings from pay analysts XpertHR.

Subdued pay awards reveal impact of pandemic
Thursday 25 June 2020
As the UK starts to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, our headline pay award remains subdued as the impact on the economy hits organisations’ ability to reward their employees.

Pay freeze for one in 10 private-sector pay groups
Thursday 21 May 2020
Pay awards in the private sector have dropped to the lowest level recorded for more than a year, according to the latest findings from pay analysts XpertHR.

Buoyant pay picture for 2020 hits a coronavircus wall
Thursday 23 April 2020
Pay awards have hit a brick wall after the coronavirus pandemic lockdown brought three months of increasingly buoyant settlement data to a sudden halt.

Low pay rises predicted for the year ahead
Thursday 19 March 2020
At the beginning of 2020 pay rises fell to their lowest level in more than a year, and now employers tell us that they expect settlements to remain subdued through the months ahead, finds the latest research from pay analysts XpertHR.

HR technology is key to HR’s work through the pandemic and beyond, XpertHR survey shows
Monday 15 March 2021
HR technology is an increasingly valuable tool for HR professionals and played a crucial role in dealing with the workplace disruption caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, new XpertHR research finds.

Skills shortages continue despite employment hit
February 2021
The impact on the economy from the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is stark when it comes to employment, but businesses remain concerned about filling certain positions, according to research from XpertHR.

XpertHR survey reveals almost a third of employers are reopening workplaces after lockdown but challenges ahead for employers
Friday 22 May 2020
Three out of ten employers are now actively reopening their workplaces for employees who cannot work remotely, according to a survey today from employment specialists XpertHR.

HR under intense pressure as coronavirus response moves from crisis to “business as unusual”
Friday 17 April 2020
HR professionals are now moving beyond the immediate crisis stage in dealing with the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic as home-working, furloughing and heightened workplace health and safety measures bed in, research by employment specialists XpertHR reveals.

HR rises to the challenge as Coronavirus changes hit every UK employer
Friday 3 April 2020
While millions of employees have been forced to stay away from work over the past two weeks, HR professionals have faced an unprecedented deluge of demands on their time, knowledge and expertise, according to a survey of 400 UK employers from employment experts XpertHR.

Research show increasingly confident HR teams frustrated by admin work and poor quality data
Tuesday 25 February 2020
HR departments continue to grow and to spend more money on what they do – but are being frustrated by an organisational emphasis on administration rather than strategy, new XpertHR research reveals.