Salary survey participant terms and conditions

Qualification for participant subscription rates to XpertHR Salary Surveys services is conditional on submission of data relating to the subscribing organisation ("Data"). By agreeing to this proposal and using the XpertHR Salary Surveys service the Subscriber agrees to the following:

  1. To submit Data by the deadline date and in accordance with the format and guidelines set out in the email from, which the Subscriber will receive within 24 hours of the subscription being activated if the Subscriber is a new participant, or approximately six to eight weeks before the deadline date if the Subscriber is a previous participant.
  2. To submit pay Data to or via the secure participant portal.
  3. To submit Data for all job posts in the Subscriber’s organisation covered by the survey(s) to which the Subscriber has subscribed.
  4. Subscriber shall not submit to RBI any personal data as such terms may be defined by applicable data protection laws (“Personal Data”), and to exclude from Data all names and all other personal data or personally identifiable information unless RBI expressly agrees to process such data on Subscriber’s behalf. To the extent that any Personal Data is transmitted to RBI, the following terms shall apply:
    1. Both parties shall comply with all their obligations under applicable data protection laws.
    2. Subscriber agrees that RBI will be the Data Processor on behalf of Subscriber with regard to all Personal Data that Subscriber makes available to RBI pursuant to this agreement, and RBI agrees to only process such Personal Data in accordance with Subscriber’s instructions.
    3. Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that (a) RBI’s Affiliates may be retained as Sub-processors; and (b) RBI and RBI’s Affiliates respectively may engage third-party Sub-processors in connection with the service. RBI shall be liable for the acts or omissions of any third party sub-processors and subcontractors used by it in the provision of the services as if such acts or omissions were those of RBI. Sub-processors will be subject to data protection obligations at least equivalent to those contained in this Agreement.
    4. RBI will store data on servers located inside the European Economic Area.
    5. Subscriber agrees that RBI may use aggregate information and statistics for the purposes of further developing its products and services, including new functionalities and features. These statistics will not include information that can be used to identify any individual.
    6. RBI will process personal data in a manner that ensures appropriate security, integrity and confidentiality of such data, including protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate technical or organisational measures.
    7. Subscriber shall take appropriate measures to protect against the misuse or unauthorized access to RBI services, whether by Subscriber or any third party (a) through or to Subscriber’s credentials used to access the services (“User IDs”) and/or corresponding passwords; and (b) the services and/or Materials or other information derived therefrom. Subscriber shall manage identification, use, access and control of all User IDs in an appropriately secure manner and shall, without undue delay, notify XpertHR of the need to deactivate any User IDs when no longer needed or where access presents a security risk.
  5. To respond in a timely fashion to any queries relating to the Subscriber’s Data raised by XpertHR.
  6. That Data will be added to the XpertHR database and may be aggregated with that of other organisations to produce a range of data products.
  7. That the Subscriber’s organisation will be listed as a participant in the products which include the Data (you may opt not to be named by emailing a request to
  8. That if the Subscriber fails to supply Data by the deadline date, the subscription will automatically be converted to a non-participation subscription for the full subscription period and the Subscriber will be invoiced for the balance of the non-participation subscription fee due. Participant subscription rates are 50% of non-participant subscription rates. Invoices are payable within 14 days.
  9. At least 30 days before the first anniversary of the Subscription Start Date we will send you a new Proposal for the next period of 12 months. If you do not wish to renew your subscription you must notify us in writing at least 14 days prior to the new subscription start date shown on the Proposal. If we do not receive written notice from you prior to the close of business on the start date, your subscription will continue for a further period of 12 months at the price set out in the new Proposal. We may suspend access if payment is not received within 28 days from the subscription start date.

See full XpertHR terms and conditions which shall apply in addition.