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Benchmark reward against the marketplace

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Be confident with a reward strategy based on robust data and evidence

  • Whether you want to benchmark against competitors or justify salary decisions, access to XpertHR’s Salary Surveys enables you to make decisions about pay, benefits and other aspects of reward with confidence.

  • Our surveys cover a wide range of core business roles, including managers and professionals. With localisation across various industry sectors, ranging from technology and IT to engineering and distribution, we cover both private and public sectors.

  • Data on over 1 million employees

  • Robust data and evidence

  • One-to-one training and support

  • Trusted by employers since 1968

Your subscription includes:

  • DATA

    • Quality salary data, bonuses and a range of benefits

    • Robust sample sizes

    • A wide range of job roles

    • Details on industry, location, functions and more


    • Easy to use, built with the reward specialist in mind

    • Job Pricing tool

    • Bespoke benchmarking reports on your employees

    • Extensive amount of salary tables


    • Economic and industry commentary

    • Dedicated support team and one-on-one training

    • NEW: Automated job matching - simply cut and paste your data or export it directly from your systems

Join hundreds of organisations that already trust our service

I definitely would recommend Salary Surveys - the participation and data team are good at doing initial vetting of the data so you have confidence that the survey data is high quality.
Asher Pearcey, Data Analyst, Alzheimer's Society

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