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  • Podcast: Building HR resilience

    10 November 2020

    Sarah-Jane Georges and Allen Liedkie from drama-based behaviour change company Steps join us to discuss the best ways to develop behaviours to build resilience within HR during ongoing uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Podcast: How to encourage mental health wellbeing among employees

    28 September 2020

    Richard Martin, from the employment relations and HR training provider byrne-dean, joins us to discuss managing mental health wellbeing.

  • Coronavirus and your workforce webinar: Supporting employees' mental health

    27 April 2020

    With workforces and workplaces facing unparalleled challenges, Dr Barbara Mariposa takes us through the possible impact of the coronavirus pandemic on employees' mental health and wellbeing.

  • Podcast: Supporting employees experiencing the menopause

    18 February 2020

    Helen Rice-Burchall outlines the steps employers can take to support employees experiencing symptoms of the menopause.

  • Webinar: Financial wellbeing

    7 November 2019

    In this webinar, employee benefits and pensions consultant Maggie Williams demystifies financial wellbeing.

  • Webinar: How to promote good mental health

    3 July 2019

    Uxshely Chotai, a qualified lawyer, psychotherapist and trainer who delivers mental health training with byrne-dean, discusses the practical steps that a line manager can take to create a working environment that is conducive to good mental health.

  • Webinar: Tricky sickness issues - your questions answered

    28 March 2019

    Darren Newman discusses tricky sickness absence related issues, including the relationship between sickness absence and disability discrimination, and the steps you can take to support an employee's return to work.

  • Webinar: Breaking the stigma around mental health

    4 December 2018

    Geoff McDonald, a keynote speaker and business transformation consultant, provides a series of practical take-aways to promote mental and emotional health effectively in your workplace.

  • Webinar: Practical strategies for supporting mental health at work

    1 November 2018

    Our expert speakers draw on real-life cases to demonstrate the successes and difficulties of putting in place pragmatic support for mental health.

  • Webinar: Managing mental health in the workplace

    16 July 2018

    Promoting mental wellbeing at work is crucial not only to the health of your workforce, but ultimately the success of your business. A lack of support and understanding around mental health can lead to increased sickness absence, raised staff turnover and a loss of productivity.

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