Podcast: Public-sector employment law developments

In this week's podcast, employment lawyer Laurie Anstis, Director at Boyes Turner, takes us through some upcoming employment law developments of particular relevance to those working in the public sector. We discuss the practical effects of the proposals for HR. We cover:

  • proposals on public-sector exit payments;
  • aspects of the Trade Union Bill specific to the public sector;
  • plans for an English/Welsh language requirement for public-sector staff;
  • proposals relating to IR35 and consultants in the public sector; and
  • a call for evidence on closed recruitment.

Presenter Susie Munro is joined by Laurie Anstis. Edited and produced by Laura Kimpton.

Public-sector employment law developments

22 April 2016

NOTE: Since this podcast was recorded, the Government has agreed to amend the provisions of the Trade Union Bill relating to "check-off". See Employment law manual > Trade unions and industrial action > The consequences of trade union recognition.