Podcast: Reputational damage - five risk areas for employers

In this week's podcast, we discuss five areas in which the risk of reputational damage can be an issue for employers, and what HR professionals can do to reduce the risk of their organisation's reputation being damaged.

We cover potential reputational damage in relation to:

  • employees' social media activities, particularly inappropriate comments on Twitter or Facebook about their employer;
  • employees' behaviour outside work, covering public misbehaviour, inappropriate relationships, and criminal offences;
  • employment tribunal claims, especially now that tribunal judgments are available online;
  • recruitment practices, for example where a job applicant's poor experience with a potential employer makes the headlines; and
  • gender pay gap reporting, with employers at risk of damaging their reputation if they fail to put their gender pay gap figures in context in a supporting narrative.

Presenter Ellie Gelder is joined by Stephen Simpson. Edited and produced by Colin Miller.

Podcast: Reputational damage - five risk areas for employers

23 June 2017