Webinar: Disability inclusion at work - the why and the how

Karen Jackson Jen Rooney

With over 14 million disabled people in the UK alone, overlooking disability equality and access can come at a real detriment to your business. By making reasonable adjustments you can comply with your legal duty, expand your talent pool, create a positive culture and retain skilled staff.

In this webinar, Karen Jackson (founder-director of Didlaw, pictured left) and Jen Rooney (workplace wellbeing and disability inclusion specialist, right) discuss how organisations can advance disability inclusion in their workplace. This session covers:

  • How should you adjust your return to workplace policy to give proper support to disabled employees?
  • What further adjustments must you make to your COVID-adapted workplace to comply with your duty to make reasonable adjustments?
  • Are employees with long COVID disabled and what's the best way to support them?
  • Beyond compliance, how can you reassure disabled employees who are anxious about returning for health reasons?
  • What makes a workplace adjustment reasonable?

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