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Webinar: How to promote good mental health

Uxshely Chotai

As the interface between an organisation and its employees, HR recognises that line managers play a crucial role in creating a working environment that supports good mental health. They are also best placed to spot the warning signs and take action when someone appears to be struggling with a mental-health-related issue.

In this webinar, Uxshely Chotai, a qualified lawyer, psychotherapist and trainer who delivers mental health training with byrne-dean, helps you to guide line managers through the vast and complex area of mental health more confidently. She covers:

  • what good mental health looks like;
  • what to do when an employee starts to show signs of being unwell; and
  • the practical steps that a line manager can take to create a working environment that is conducive to good mental health.

This 60-minute webinar includes a Q&A session.

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