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Webinar: Managing international assignments in an uncertain world

Juliet Carp David

Employers are increasingly obliged to manage international assignments in a climate of uncertainty.

Brexit, US elections, terrorism, currency volatility and economic uncertainty, as well as potential changes to immigration, tax, employment and other laws, create ongoing challenges for multinational employers.

As more European nationals require immigration clearance to work in the UK, the workload of UK global mobility teams is likely to increase substantially. Growing numbers of continental Europeans, formerly engaged on "local" terms, are likely to be recruited from abroad on expatriate terms. At the same time, employers are required to respond to growing security and health risks associated with international assignments.

In this 60-minute webinar, industry experts Juliet Carp and David Remedios discuss:

  • recent trends;
  • legal considerations; and
  • practical steps employers can take to manage risk.

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