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Webinar: Preparing for gender pay gap reporting

Patrick Brodie Kelly Thomson Anne Hurst

Gender pay gap reporting will soon be compulsory for large employers, with regulations expected to be introduced in October 2016.

All private and voluntary sector employers with 250 or more employees will be required to publish prescribed information about their gender pay gap. The Government will also publish employers' gender pay gap information in league tables.

While employers will not need to produce a report until April 2018, many realise that a "dry run" will give them the opportunity to address any problem areas, and allow HR leaders to highlight to the executive team any reputational risks.

Do you know what information you will need to publish under the legislation? Are you worried about the reputational implications that gender pay reporting could have for your business?

In this webinar, our industry experts, Patrick Brodie (pictured top right), Kelly Thomson (pictured middle right) and Anne Hurst (pictured bottom right), share tips about how to limit the potential negative ramifications for your organisation, including information about what other organisations are already doing to report on their gender pay gap. We explain:

  • what details you need to provide in your report about the differences between men's and women's pay and bonus pay, and the number of men and women in different pay bands;
  • how to present the information to limit the potential reputational damage to your company; and
  • the measures that you can put in place to address any gender pay gap.