People Analytics

Retention Analytics, the first in a series of modules, will give you the information you need to recruit, develop and retain the right people and ultimately drive your business performance.

The benefits of using Retention Analytics

Make evidence-based decisions with credibility and confidence;

  • A single view of your workforce.
  • Evaluate the health of your data and assess quality and accuracy.
  • Harmonise fragmented datasets from all of your workforce systems and spreadsheets.

Stay ahead of the competition;

  • Personalised market benchmarks
  • Compare yourself against similar organisations, regardless of industry. Our benchmarks are based on data from 1m+ UK employees and job roles

Proactively mitigate risks and focus on what really matters;

  • Automated insights and deep diagnostics
  • Unlock turnover metrics, trends and hotspots in one click
  • Find out what drives turnover and retention
  • Understand your organisation’s future problem areas and monitor risks

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