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An XpertHR core subscription will provide access to reliable and up-to-date HR and employment law information, as well as practical tools to enable your team to save valuable time and stay compliant.

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The core subscription includes the following:

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Employment law

Employment law manual

Accessible and constantly updated guidance on employment law, tailored to the needs of the HR professional. This tool:

  • covers the entire employment lifecycle from recruitment and selection through to termination of employment;
  • provides links to additional resources on each subject; and
  • alerts readers to forthcoming changes.

Law reports

Precedent-setting cases from the EAT and appellate courts, along with reports of selected tribunal cases. This tool will help you:

  • stay up to date with developments in case law; and
  • keep informed about the situations that have led to employment tribunal claims.


Access to the LexisNexis Butterworths legislation service. This is a regularly updated full text resource including all UK legislation with an impact on employment relations.

Worked examples

Guidance on the action required in different employment scenarios along with a detailed explanation of the law behind the action. This tool will help you:

  • understand how payments, from redundancy pay to holiday pay on termination, are calculated; and
  • follow the correct procedures in areas including notice and maternity leave and pay.

Employment law: quick look-up


Summaries of consultations on legislative change. This tool:

  • summarises each consultation and provides easy access to the document for you to view the proposals in full; and
  • provides links to the government response to the consultation when this becomes available.

Summaries of forthcoming and recently implemented legislation, with effective dates. This tool allows you to:

  • keep up to date with upcoming and recent employment law changes; and
  • add upcoming developments to your own calendar.

Quick reference

Key employment facts, such as qualifying periods for employment rights and statutory minimum notice periods. This tool enables you to:

  • check key facts and rates quickly and easily;
  • plan ahead in relation to religious and bank holidays; and
  • keep up to date with the latest figures on tribunal claims and awards.

Statutory rates

Current statutory rates, such as tax allowances, statutory sick pay and statutory maternity pay. This tool:

  • provides up-to-date information on each statutory rate as well as listing recent and forthcoming changes; and
  • carries links to relevant official websites for more details.

Templates and workflow

How to

Practical step-by-step advice on how to manage both common and more unusual workplace situations. This tool:

  • covers issues ranging from absence and attendance to TUPE transfers; and
  • focuses on helping employers to apply the law in practice.

Line manager briefings

Clear, simply written briefings designed to ensure line managers comply with employment law and good practice. Briefings in this tool:

  • assume no previous knowledge of the law or principles of human resource management;
  • are written in plain English, avoiding legal jargon and technical language; and
  • are accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation.


Interactive flowcharts to guide you through HR procedures, from redundancy processes to pensions auto-enrolment. Workflows in this tool:

  • guide you step by step through the relevant procedure;
  • provide an interactive flowchart setting out the steps in the process; and
  • offer guidance on each step, along with calculators and templates.

Policies and documents

Model policies, contracts, letters and forms to help you create and maintain legally compliant documentation for your organisation. Within this tool:

  • each model document comes with notes and guidance on how and when it should be used; and
  • warning is provided of relevant future developments, including forthcoming legislation.

General HR

Podcasts and webinars

Podcasts and webinars on key HR issues to help you in your role. This tool allows you to:

  • watch topical webinars; and
  • listen to the XpertHR podcasts.

Commentary and analysis

Informed opinions, commentary and debate on issues of interest to HR. This tool includes:

  • commentary and debate on HR and workplace practices; and
  • guidance and opinion on employment law developments.

Editor's choice

The pick of the latest additions to XpertHR. This tool:

  • keeps you up to date with the new content added to XpertHR on a regular basis; and
  • alerts you to substantive changes to existing content.

Employment glossary

Concise explanations of HR, legal and employment-related words, phrases and abbreviations in plain English. This tool includes definitions of:

  • Latin terms commonly used by the appellate courts; and
  • terms used in employment legislation, including TUPE and the Working Time Regulations.


Answers to frequently asked questions on key HR issues. This tool allows you to:

  • find answers to your HR and employment questions quickly and easily; and
  • suggest a question for inclusion to the XpertHR editorial team.


The latest HR and employment news. This tool allows you to:

  • keep up to date with government proposals; and
  • follow the progress of employment legislation through Parliament.

Good practice

Case studies

Case studies of HR practice, often in named organisations. This tool allows you to:

  • gain insights into the policies and practices adopted by other organisations; and
  • read how other organisations have responded to workplace challenges.

Good practice manual

Clear, simply written guidance on good practice in HR and people management. This tool:

  • examines and explains the policies and practices used by high-performing organisations to engage their staff, deliver business objectives and outperform the competition; and
  • includes case studies to give practical effect to the guidance.

Surveys and benchmarking


The latest economic and labour market statistics. This tool keeps you up to date with:

  • economic trends, including inflation;
  • labour market information, including unemployment rates; and
  • pay and hours figures including average earnings.

Survey analysis

Expert interpretation of HR and employer survey results, on topics ranging from pay and benefits to training and development. Articles within this tool:

  • set out the main findings and key data from the survey; and
  • explain the implications for employers of the survey findings.

The site is absolutely awesome! So easy to navigate and search and so much useful material.

Fionna White, HR Business Partner, Krispy Kreme