XpertHR US

XpertHR US

Drive greater efficiencies and achieve policy and process consistency across your entire organisation


We help you build successful workforces by providing practical breakdowns of complex US employment law at the federal, state and select municipal levels, as well as the tools to help your business stay ahead of them.

Customised to meet your needs, see what your subscription can include:


    We put policy templates, how-to guides, authoritative, easily accessible 50-state legal guidance, and much more, in plain English and at your fingertips so your team can spend less time on paperwork and more time with human capital.

    Key Features

    • Employment law

    • Customisable templates

    • Benchmarking and survey analysis


    Empower your team to create and update a fully customisable employee handbook, making it easy and efficient to reinforce company culture, establish expectations and keep everyone informed of company policies.

    Key Features

    • Comprehensive coverage

    • Customisable templates

    • Authoritative resources


    Have your HR questions answered by a live adviser, avoiding costly research time and reducing legal fees. Our team of HRCI- and SHRM-certified professionals are available when you need them to coach you through complex issues.

    Key Features

    • Employee relations

    • Statutory compliance

    • Conflict resolution, and more


    Power and validate existing or new compliance processes with sophisticated interactive risk assessment tools to increase the speed, confidence and accuracy of answering complex compliance issues.

    Key Features

    • Detailed risk assessment report

    • Archived audit trail

    • In-depth analysis

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  • See how XpertHR can empower your team and organisation. Discover the variety and depth of our HR resources and understand how XpertHR ensures your team stays compliant and confident.

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