Jurors' allowances - travel

Jurors may claim a travelling allowance for jury service. From 1 June 2010 the travelling allowances payable are as follows (jurors' allowances are not updated every year).

Form of transport Allowance
1 Parking fees will be paid only where permission to claim for them has been given before travel.
2 Taxi fares will be paid only where permission to use a taxi has been given.
Bus, train or underground The cost of the ticket (a second class return fare where travel is by train)
Bicycle 9.6p per mile
Motorcycle1 31.4p per mile
Car1 31.4p per mile
Car - supplement if other jurors are carried as passengers1 For the first passenger 4.2p per mile
For each additional passenger 3.2p per mile
Taxi2 The fare