Time limits for bringing tribunal claims - discrimination

Statutory rights are subject to time limits within which a complaint must be brought to an employment tribunal. The time limits that apply to discrimination claims are set out below.

1 Or within such further period as the tribunal considers reasonable in a case where it is satisfied that this was not reasonably practicable.
2 Where the employer has deliberately concealed information without which the employee could not have been expected to bring a claim, the time limit will begin when the employee finds out the information or could reasonably be expected to have found it out.
Nature of complaint Time limit for bringing claim
Discrimination, harassment or victimisation Within three months beginning with the date that the act complained of was done (s.123 of the Equality Act 2010)1
Equal pay Within six months of the end of employment (s.129 of the Equality Act 2010)2

From 6 May 2014 (or from 6 April 2014 where the prospective claimant voluntarily contacts Acas under the early conciliation procedure) the time limits are extended to take account of the early conciliation procedure. The period beginning with the day after the employee first contacted Acas under the early conciliation procedure and ending with the day he or she receives the early conciliation certificate will not count when calculating the time limit for bringing the claim. If the limitation period would have expired during the period starting with the day the employee first contacted Acas and ending one month after he or she receives the early conciliation certificate, it will be extended to expire one month after receipt of the early conciliation certificate.