Cendex (Salary Surveys)

XpertHR Salary Surveys has been replaced by Cendex, our new reward data solution.

What is Cendex?

Cendex delivers advanced, live reward-data solutions to help organisations of all sizes recruit, retain and motivate talent with absolute confidence. We provide high quality data, intuitive workflow tools and expert insights to help employers benchmark roles and reward packages, all in a single trusted platform.

A subscription to Cendex gives you access to all the roles in our constantly updated database and can be filtered down by levels, industries, regions and many more.

Our rolling data collection programme ensures that we have fresh information on over 1 million UK employees across hundreds of separate job functions.

We cover everything from technology roles to the voluntary sector, higher education and distribution. We can even help you calculate and understand your organisation's gender pay gap metrics.

Learn more about Cendex

Interested in finding out more about Cendex? Book a demo or contact us at cendex@xperthr.co.uk.

Already a subscriber to Cendex, our legacy Salary Surveys or Gender Pay Gap reporting service? Please contact participants@xperthr.co.uk or call 020 8652 8590 for help and support.