Salary surveys

Salary surveys

XpertHR Salary Surveys enable you to benchmark your staff against the market, and make informed recommendations and decisions about pay, benefits and other aspects of reward.

Our surveys cover a wide variety of core business roles and industries, from IT staff to financial staff and the voluntary sector.

Use our online Job Pricing application to define a role by seniority level and function, and then refine the salary tables you see by location, industry, size of organisation and more. Download PDF reports to understand pay trends, labour turnover and employee benefits and allowances. Or use the bespoke spreadsheet tools we create specifically for your organisation to benchmark internally and externally.

As part of your subscription to XpertHR Salary Surveys we offer a friendly, personal service, where we help you match jobs and give you practical one-to-one training.

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I definitely would recommend Salary Surveys - the participation and data team are good at doing initial vetting of the data so you have confidence that the survey data is high quality.

Asher Pearcey, Data Analyst, Alzheimer's Society