Actuaries and Actuarial Students Salary Survey

Job levels
Job functions

The XpertHR Actuaries and Actuarial Students Salary Survey - published in association with the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries - provides pay data from director to new recruits by qualification and experience for this highly specialised group of employees.

Salary tables are broken down to provide detailed data on actuarial pay for all job functions and regions of the UK, and in companies of varying sizes broken down by both the number of employees and company turnover. The report presents salary tables for actuaries based on their qualifications and their qualification by experience, with separate pay data on new recruits.

In addition, the survey reports on pay settlements and pay movements for matched groups of employees over the previous 12 months, and provides data on bonus payments, car allowances, and labour turnover. The current data was published in August 2017.

Top job titles in this survey

  • Actuarial Analyst
  • Actuarial Trainee
  • Actuarial Technician
  • Senior Actuarial Analyst
  • Actuary


  • Actuarial Assistant
  • Assistant Actuary
  • Pricing Analyst
  • Actuarial Manager
  • Senior Actuarial Technician