Gender Pay Gap

Move your gender pay gap reporting on to the next level with XpertHR's Gender pay gap reporting service.

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All employers with 250 or more employees are now legally obliged to report every year on six key metrics about their gender pay gap and gender bonus gap using data inputs and calculations set out in Regulations.

The XpertHR Gender pay gap reporting service takes the worry out of calculating your pay gap metrics, providing a confidential bespoke report based on your raw data and setting out the figures you need to report.

And NEW FOR 2018, we are now offering an enhanced report which enables you to:

  • Compare your 2017 and 2018 metrics and spot trends;
  • See precisely where the pay boundaries between each of the pay quartiles falls - and which employees fall into each band; and
  • Easily identify the influence of different groups of employees on your overall pay gap, with breakdowns by job title, function group, business division, length of tenure and more.

We also provide industry and whole economy benchmarks and guidance on how to protect your organisation's reputation when reporting.

More than 300 organisations signed up to the XpertHR Gender pay gap reporting service in its first year, enabling them to understand their data ahead of the legal deadline. You can get similar peace of mind by joining them now.

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