Succession planning

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  • How St John Ambulance is developing its future managers

    27 June 2019
    Case studies

    St John Ambulance talks to XpertHR about its programme to develop future managers and how this has increased self-awareness and improved practical skills, as well as leading to better relationships between units.

  • Succession planning: driving success in gender diversity

    24 September 2018
    Commentary and analysis

    Poor succession planning for leadership positions could be contributing to the limited progress in achieving gender balance. Brett Moffatt explains how organisations could benefit from developing female leaders before top vacancies become available.

  • Retaining staff

    Good practice manual

    Updated with information on trends in retaining staff.

  • Succession planning

    Employment glossary

    Definition from the XpertHR glossary.

  • Succession planning: employer practice

    21 March 2011
    Survey analysis

    There are a number of tools and techniques that employers can use to support succession planning, including the use of competencies and succession planning committees - but definitive plans are still principally focused on more senior-level roles, our research finds.

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