Compressed hours

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  • Date:
    21 February 2023

    Four-day week trial results show 92% will continue policy

    Almost every organisation that took part in the UK trial of a four-day week (92%) has decided to continue with a shorter working week, after the pilot saw a reduction in burnout, anxiety, fatigue and sickness absence.

  • Date:
    28 January 2022
    Commentary and insights

    How challenging is it to implement a four-day week?

    A four-day working week may be attractive for employees, but what challenges could organisations encounter? Ashleigh Webber looks at some of the practicalities of the shorter working week.

  • Type:
    Policies and procedures

    Compressed hours policy

    A model policy to allow employees to work compressed hours where your organisation's needs and employees' job duties allow it.

  • Type:
    Contract clauses

    Compressed hours contract clause

    A model contract clause to set out terms relating to compressed hours of work.

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