Homeworking/remote working

Rachel Sharp Editor's message: The experience of homeworking for millions of employees during the coronavirus pandemic has prompted many employers and employees to consider remote working as a key part of their model of future work.

In some organisations, or for some roles, a move to permanent remote working may be the best option. However, in many cases employers will be looking at a hybrid or blended model that allows employees to:

  • work remotely for part of the time; and
  • attend the workplace at other times.

Organisations considering adopting this approach should bear in mind that, while many employees will welcome this additional flexibility, for some the experience of remote working will not be so positive. Asking employees what has worked well while they have been working remotely, and what the challenges have been, can help organisations to plan for long-term changes.

Employers should also consider additional training and support to equip line managers to lead remote, or partly remote, teams on a temporary or permanent basis.

Rachel Sharp, HR practice editor

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