Benchmarking homepage

The benchmarking homepage comprises the following elements:

  • Benchmarking search box.
    benchmarking search box
  • Benchmarking navigation bar.
    benchmarking navigation bar
  • My saved questions list. Links to benchmarking questions that you have saved:
    • Click on links to access saved questions.
    • If you have not yet saved any questions the list will be empty.
  • Key benchmarks dashboard. Use the key benchmarks dashboard to:
    • view headline data on five key HR metrics; and
    • access full XpertHR HR benchmarking data on these metrics and generate bespoke reports on how your organisation compares.
    benchmarking search box
  • Lists of categories and latest questions.

To return to the benchmarking homepage from any benchmarking navigation page, click the "Benchmarking" link in the navigation bar, the "Tools > Benchmarking" link in the top bar, or use the "Back" button in your browser.

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