Benchmarking question pages

A benchmarking question page displays the results of all questions asked in XpertHR benchmarking surveys.

Use benchmarking question pages to:

  • access XpertHR HR benchmarking data;
  • tailor results to generate bespoke reports on how your organisation compares;
  • deliver the data in your chosen format - including charts, tables and spreadsheet downloads - for use in your own reports, documents and presentations; and
  • share data with colleagues.

Survey results data

The main part of each benchmarking question page displays relevant benchmarking survey question results, as tables and charts, or as text.

survey results data

Survey results: Note

The "Note" text shows: the name of the survey that includes the question; a short description of the data included in the question; details of the survey date.

survey results note

Survey results: Charts

Results pages for most multiple choice questions and numeric questions include a results chart in bar chart and/or pie chart format.

survey results charts 1

If more than one chart type is available, use "Chart type" box (below "View question in context" link) to toggle between bar chart and pie chart.

survey results charts 2

Survey results: Tables

Results pages for multiple-choice questions and numeric questions always include a results table.

survey results tables

Survey results: Text

The results pages for some benchmarking questions present survey participants' text responses in a table format.

Additional information box

The "Additional information" box displays essential information about the question, including: the name of the survey containing the question; survey date; survey source; categories; keywords; and number of participants in the survey.

survey results additional information

Survey detail page

To view the survey detail page, click on the "Survey" title link in the "Additional information" box, or click on the hyperlinked survey title in benchmarking search returns.

The survey detail page presents:

  • an overview of what the survey covers and when it was conducted;
  • links to all questions from the survey; and
  • a "Survey analysis" box with links to relevant XpertHR survey analysis articles.

We provide a full list of XpertHR benchmarking surveys, with links to all survey detail pages.

Viewing questions in context

The "View all questions in this survey" link opens a small window displaying a list of links to all questions in current survey, with currently selected question highlighted.

To go back to question you were previously viewing, click the "X" button.

Refining benchmarking data

Use the "Refine" box to drill down into the results data. Typical refinements include: region; sector; number of employees; and annual turnover.

To refine data:

  • Select a refinement heading from the drop-down list to see a list of relevant options.
  • Select an option to display results data matching your refinement.
  • You may select one or more refinement options.
  • The question page will refresh to show results matching your selected option(s).
  • Your selected option is now listed beneath the options drop-down list.
  • To remove the selected option and restore the previously displayed results, click the "X" button or hit "Reset".
refining benchmarking data

Survey analysis box

Links to relevant XpertHR survey analysis articles.

survey analysis box

Sharing and saving options

You can share and save all benchmarking question pages (always preserving your selected refinement options) via the following options:

  • Download: This generates a spreadsheet version of the current benchmarking question, matching your latest selected refinement options.
  • Print.
  • Save: Save the current question (matching your selected refinement options and with your additional notes) to your "My saved questions" list.
  • Share: Share benchmarking data with your colleagues via: email; Twitter; LinkedIn; Google+; and Facebook.
sharing and saving options

Related questions list

A list of directly relevant benchmarking questions from this and/or other surveys.

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