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Sweden: Recruitment and selection

Original and updating author: Laura Carlson


  • Direct and indirect discrimination in access to employment is prohibited on various grounds. (See Discrimination)
  • There is no legislation explicitly concerning job advertisements. (See Advertising vacancies)
  • There is no legislation explicitly concerning the status of job offers. (See Job offers)
  • Apart from the provisions on unlawful discrimination, there is no general statutory framework governing the practice of recruitment and selection of job applicants in the private sector. (See General)
  • There are various rules regarding work carried out by minors, who are individuals under the age of 18 years. (See Young people and children)
  • Non-Swedish nationals are required to have a work permit for employment in Sweden unless they are citizens of the other 27 EU member states, the other EEA countries, the other Nordic countries or Switzerland. (See Foreign nationals)
  • Redundant employees have a statutory right of priority for re-employment. (See Priority for employment)