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  • How Rentokil Initial introduced global grading

    13 April 2012

    The development of a global grading structure at Rentokil Initial was key to its global approach to reward. XpertHR looks at why and how the programme was undertaken, and how the structure is being used to benefit the organisation.

  • Strategic reward at Senergy

    23 September 2011

    Energy services company Senergy has reshaped its rewards programme, putting greater emphasis on linking business objectives to employee benefits.

  • Implementing market-related pay at the Principality Building Society

    4 March 2011

    The Principality Building Society introduced a market- and performance-related pay and grading structure following a comprehensive job evaluation exercise. This case study looks at how this was implemented

  • Pay harmony on single status at Newcastle City Council

    17 December 2010

    It has taken a decade for an equality-proofed pay and grading structure to be negotiated and implemented at Newcastle City Council, but both the employer and union are proud of it.

  • Unison's equality-proofed pay and grading structure

    5 October 2009

    Following the creation of Unison in 1993 and the legacy of five different sets of terms and conditions, the union set about equality-proofing its pay structure for staff, and harmonising terms and conditions. This case study charts the obstacles that were overcome and details the new pay structure.

  • Case study: Total reward at Arup

    19 February 2009

    Engineering consultancy Arup has made online total reward statements available to its employees worldwide, reflecting its holistic "total design" approach to reward.

  • Case study: Total reward at Kent County Council

    4 December 2008

    Kent County Council has developed a total reward strategy, and is planning to introduce online total reward statements to ensure its employees understand the value of their employment package.

  • Case study: Introducing a global reward strategy at Achilles Group

    4 March 2008

    Achilles Group undertook two ambitious reward initiatives in parallel: introducing a global grading structure; and launching a new management bonus scheme for those assigned to higher grades.

  • Case study: Relaunching reward at Aspire Housing

    14 January 2008

    Job evaluation has been central to the wholesale relaunch of reward at Aspire Housing. It was designed to provide a transparent and cost-effective system linking pay to corporate values.

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