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  • Independent review of modern employment practices announced

    5 October 2016

    Matthew Taylor, a former policy adviser to Tony Blair, will lead an independent review into modern employment practices, covering issues such as zero hour contracts and the regulation of businesses in the gig economy.

  • Junior doctors' challenge to new contracts fails

    29 September 2016

    In R (on the application of Justice for Health Ltd) v Secretary of State for Health and others, the High Court rejected claims that the way in which new contracts of employment for junior doctors are being implemented is unlawful.

  • Policies and documents tool: further improvements to layout

    22 September 2016

    A further 18 categories within our suite of model documents are now listed in the order in which HR professionals might use them. This follows on from the earlier redesign of 14 key areas, making it easier than ever to find the templates that you need among XpertHR's 1,000 model documents.

  • Podcast: HR and the gig economy

    9 September 2016

    We provide an overview of the "gig economy", consider issues about which HR should be aware if their organisation is hiring freelancers through technology platforms, and discuss some employment tribunal cases brought by contingent workers.

  • Employer bound by verbal offer of employment by recruitment agency

    18 August 2016

    An employment tribunal has held, in McCann v Snozone Ltd, that the employer must pay a job applicant damages of one month's salary for breach of contract by withdrawing a verbal job offer that the applicant had accepted.

  • Six tips for protecting confidential information

    30 June 2016

    The High Court ruled that Sunderland FC was entitled to dismiss one of its directors for gross misconduct because he had leaked confidential information about the club to third parties. We set out six tips to help employers protect confidential information.

  • Confidentiality clause centre stage in libel case

    22 June 2016

    Can an employer tell its clients that an employee has been dismissed for leaking confidential information to a competitor? The High Court had to consider this issue in Theedom v Nourish Trading Ltd (t/a CSP Recruitment) and another, and decide whether or not the employer had a defence to libel.

  • Podcast: Exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts

    5 June 2015

    In this week's podcast, we discuss zero hours and casual contracts and highlight new provisions that render exclusivity clauses unenforceable. We also look at the issues around employment status associated with the use of zero hours and casual contracts.

  • Could the ECJ change its stance on harmonising terms and conditions following a TUPE transfer?

    20 August 2013

    Consultant editor Darren Newman asks if a recent European Court of Justice ruling on TUPE could herald a less rigid approach to the issue of harmonising terms and conditions following a TUPE transfer.

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