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Risk assessment and hazard management

Updating author: Howard Fidderman

XpertHR editor: Laura Merrylees


  • Health and safety risk management is about identifying and controlling risks before they cause harm. (See Risk management)
  • Employers should review their workplaces and activities and identify hazards. (See Hazard identification)
  • By assessing risks, employers can ensure that their response to managing those risks is appropriate. (See Risk assessment)
  • Employers need to decide what measures are needed to remove or reduce risks. (See Risk controls)
  • Personal protective equipment may be needed to protect workers against health and safety risks. (See Personal protective equipment)
  • Risk controls should be reassessed regularly and whenever circumstances change. (See Reviewing controls)
  • Special measures may be needed to protect employees exposed to specific hazards. (See Specific hazards)
  • Employers must arrange health surveillance for employees exposed to particular health hazards. (See Health surveillance)