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Sick pay

Updating author: Kate Upcraft


  • Employees who earn at least the lower earnings limit for national insurance contributions and have formed a period of incapacity for work are entitled to statutory sick pay. (See Entitlement to statutory sick pay)
  • The rules on statutory sick pay are modified where the employee's incapacity is due to coronavirus (COVID-19). (See Statutory sick pay and coronavirus (COVID-19))
  • Employees must satisfy certain notification and evidence requirements to qualify for statutory sick pay. (See Notification and evidence required from the employee)
  • Statutory sick pay is paid at a flat rate, for a maximum of 28 weeks for each period or linked period(s) of incapacity for work. (See Amount of statutory sick pay)
  • Civil penalties apply for failing to meet statutory sick pay obligations. (See Penalties)
  • Statutory sick pay can be offset against occupational sick pay if the latter is at least as generous for each day of incapacity for which there is entitlement under the statutory scheme. (See Contractual sick pay)