Tribunal claims 2017/18

The Ministry of Justice's tribunal statistics set out the number of claims accepted by employment tribunals under each jurisdiction in 2017/18.

Nature of claim Number of claims
Unfair dismissal 17,714
Unauthorised deduction of wages 24,089
Breach of contract 12,186
Sex discrimination 5,522
Working Time Directive 16,950
Redundancy pay 4,104
Disability discrimination 5,477
Failure to inform and consult on redundancies 4,097
Equal pay 35,558
Race discrimination 2,991
Written statement of terms and conditions 1,200
Written statement of reasons for dismissal 257
Written pay statement 484
Failure to inform and consult on transfer of an undertaking 819
Suffered a detriment or unfairly dismissed due to pregnancy 1,357
Part-time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000 341
National minimum wage 362
Discrimination on grounds of religion or belief 670
Discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation 316
Age discrimination 6,770
Public interest disclosure 2,191
Others 29,276
Total 172,731