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  • Benchmark graduate starting salaries

    17 September 2018

    How competitive is your organisation's graduate starting salary for 2018/2019? New XpertHR data enables you to benchmark your organisation's graduate starting salary rates against those offered by competitors.

  • Coming soon to XpertHR

    Details of selected resources that are due to be published on XpertHR.

  • Long-service awards in focus

    6 September 2018

    Long-service awards can be an effective way to recognise an employee's contribution to the organisation over a sustained period. XpertHR's benchmarking tool has full details of the long-service awards offered at 174 organisations, revealing wide variation in practice.

  • Take part in our pay award forecasts survey

    17 August 2018

    XpertHR is conducting a pay forecasting survey to gauge private sector employers' pay intentions over the coming year, and would like to invite you to take part.

  • Submit details of your organisation's latest pay settlement

    1 July 2018

    XpertHR Pay and benefits collects information on UK pay settlements throughout the year in order to analyse and report on the very latest pay trends.

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