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  • Take part in our pay award forecasts survey

    17 August 2018

    XpertHR is conducting a pay forecasting survey to gauge private sector employers' pay intentions over the coming year, and would like to invite you to take part.

  • FAQs on executive pay ratio reporting

    14 August 2018

    If you are an HR professional in a quoted company with more than 250 employees, you may be involved in your company's compliance efforts for the new requirement to publish the ratio between the CEO's total remuneration and employees' pay and benefits. Our new FAQs answer your questions on executive pay ratio reporting.

  • Coming soon to XpertHR

    Details of selected resources that are due to be published on XpertHR.

  • Take part in our graduate recruitment survey

    5 June 2018

    Take part in this XpertHR Benchmarking survey of graduate recruitment and starting salaries to receive the latest data on how your organisation compares.

  • Benchmark bonus eligibility and bonus payments

    24 May 2018

    The latest XpertHR data on bonus scheme participation and the level of bonus payments has been added to Benchmarking.

  • Take part in our annual benefits and allowances survey

    26 April 2018

    XpertHR is collecting data for its annual survey of employee benefits and allowances. Participants will receive a special rate for access to the full data through XpertHR Salary surveys.

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