How should a witness statement for use in employment tribunal proceedings be formatted?

There is no standard required format for a witness statement but it is important that it is clear and easy to read, and helps the tribunal understand the evidence. It should be in a font size of 12 point with double spacing and a large left-hand margin to allow the tribunal and representatives to make notes. Each page should be numbered. Paragraphs should be short and numbered and it is helpful to add page references in the margin to facilitate easy referral to the relevant documents in the hearing bundle. Statements are often headed with the names of the parties and the case number, with the name of the witness set out below. Where the statement is lengthy, sub-headings can be helpful.

The witness's evidence should take the form of a story told in chronological order with all dates and names stated in full. The statement should be dated and signed by the witness at the bottom with a statement of truth (this is a sentence stating that they believe that the facts in the statement are true).