How should the employer respond if an employee appeals a grievance decision but does not set out the grounds for the appeal?

Under the Acas code of practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures, an employee is required to advise the employer of the grounds for appeal in writing. Where the employee fails to do this, the employer should write to the employee and ask for the grounds for appeal so that it can properly consider, and if necessary investigate, the issues in advance of the appeal meeting.

However, where an employee refuses or fails to provide the grounds for appeal, the employer would be advised still to hear the appeal and notify the employee of the outcome without unreasonable delay. Should the grievance become relevant to subsequent tribunal proceedings, and if the employee is successful with their claim, the tribunal could make a reduction to any compensation that it awards of up to 25% if it considers that the employee unreasonably failed to comply with the Acas code by not providing the written grounds for their grievance appeal.