Who will Acas contact about the early conciliation of a potential employment tribunal claim?

The early conciliation form asks the potential claimant to give the name of the employer and a telephone number for the employer. It does not ask for an individual contact name at the employer. Acas will contact the employer on the telephone number given, explain why it is calling, and ask to be put through to the right person within the employer's organisation.

This may cause difficulties for larger organisations - particularly those with multiple sites - as the Acas call may not get through to the right person. Because of this, Acas has set up a central register of contacts for larger employers, to make sure that the conciliator speaks to the right person. Employers can contact Acas on eccontactslist@acas.org.uk to participate in this scheme.

Employers should also consider having a policy in place, to set out how contact from Acas should be handled within the organisation.