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Supporting employees through the menopause quiz - line manager training

Author: Bev Thorogood, Floresco training and coaching

Use this quiz in conjunction with the training on supporting employees through the menopause.

Take a look at the following scenarios and think about how you would approach each situation as a line manager. Then read the statement and choose the response you feel is most appropriate for the situation.


Scenario 1: Andrea is struggling with severe hot flushes. She works in an open plan office and feels there is some ill feeling about the office temperature. Colleagues insist on having the heating on and the windows closed.

Andrea believes her colleagues are making fun of her behind her back and this has led to her feeling uncomfortable about sharing her concerns and withdrawing from social activities with the team. She often struggles in meetings as they are regularly long and held in meeting rooms with poor ventilation and no natural light.

  1. Thinking about the heating and windows issue, do you: