Diversity and inclusion

Fiona Cuming

Editor's message: While the coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly created a challenging employment landscape, it is essential that organisations remain committed to achieving diversity and inclusion. Having a diverse and inclusive workplace is important not only ethically but also for improving employee morale, boosting innovation and enhancing business success.

“Diversity” and “inclusion” are mentioned in the same breath as both steps are necessary to achieve an equitable workplace. Attracting and recruiting a diverse workforce is only the first half of the equation; the second, is to create a fully inclusive work culture where different perspectives and experiences are valued, diversity of thought is encouraged, and there is fairness and equality of opportunity for all.

It is not enough for employers to express their commitment to diversity and inclusion in their mission statements and policies. Employers must ensure that the concept is embedded in their organisations and that their equality, diversity and inclusion policies are implemented fully and reviewed regularly.

Fiona Cuming, senior employment law editor

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