Podcast: Ensuring that maternity leave runs smoothly

In this week's podcast, we discuss what employers can do to help ensure that an employee's maternity leave runs smoothly. We look at the questions that employees may have before they go on maternity leave and the importance of clear communication to avoid unexpected issues arising during the leave period.

Subjects covered in this week's podcast include:

  • the practicalities around the holiday entitlement of the employee taking maternity leave;
  • communicating with the employee on the calculation and payment of her maternity pay;
  • contact with the employee during maternity leave; and
  • dealing with an employee's request to return to work on a part-time basis.

In addition to listening to the audio, you can download the podcast transcript.

Presenter Jeya Thiruchelvam is joined by Susie Munro. Edited and produced by Clare Allerton.

Ensuring that maternity leave runs smoothly

20 January 2017