Podcast: Is your workplace dress code sexist?

Requirements for women to wear high heels, make-up and a skirt were common in the 1970s, but do such requirements have any place in a 21st-century employer's dress code? In this week's podcast, we discuss the recent controversy around sexism in workplace dress codes.

The podcast covers:

  • how the Equality Act 2010 applies to dress codes;
  • key cases employers should be aware of;
  • possible justifications for workplace appearance rules;
  • recommendations from the recent report High heels and workplace dress codes; and
  • practical tips for employers that wish to review their rules on dress and appearance.

In addition to listening to the audio, you can download the podcast transcript.

Presenter Ellie Gelder is joined by Stephen Simpson. Edited and produced by Clare Allerton.

Podcast: Is your workplace dress code sexist?

10 March 2017