Benchmarking private-sector pay forecasts for 2012

How will your organisation's 2012 pay award compare with those at other private-sector organisations? A new service from XpertHR makes it easy for you to find out. 

XpertHR's private-sector pay forecast benchmarker spreadsheet enables you to see how your organisation measures up against the latest pay forecast benchmarking data from XpertHR, and against latest expert inflation forecasts compiled by XpertHR. 


XpertHR Quick Benchmarker All XpertHR subscribers can get a taste of what XpertHR Benchmarking has to offer through the XpertHR Quick Benchmarker, which allows you to compare how your organisation is performing against five key metrics - including latest data on ratios of employees to HR staff in 2012. 

XpertHR benchmarkers XpertHR's benchmarker spreadsheets provide you with a quick and easy way to measure and monitor your organisation's performance on key HR measures against the latest XpertHR Benchmarking data. 

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