Employment law manual sections restructured

We have restructured some of our Employment law manual content on recruitment and selection to expand on, and consolidate, guidance on how discrimination law, and other legal provisions, impact on the recruitment and selection process.

The recruitment and selection chapter of the manual now includes new sections on:

  • Discrimination in recruitment and selection, which explains how job applicants are protected against unlawful discrimination under the Equality Act 2010; and
  • Unlawful recruitment practices, which brings together the legal provisions, other than the discrimination legislation in the 2010 Act, that have an impact on the lawfulness of recruitment and selection decisions and practices.

The Making job offers section has been revised and restructured to provide chronological guidance on the legal provisions that affect the process that employers should follow once they have made the decision to appoint a job applicant.

Content relating to Employing foreign nationals, Job applicants with convictions and Employing young people and children is unchanged.

Practical and good practice guidance on the different stages of the recruitment process can be found in the improved recruitment and selection chapter of the Good practice manual.

We have also removed the Employment law manual section on Equal opportunities policies and monitoring to avoid unnecessary duplication of content that is more relevant to practical and good practice guidance. You can find the information you need in XpertHR's equal opportunities model policies and documents and the equality and diversity chapter of the Good practice manual.