Can foreign nationals travel to the UK for business purposes?

Foreign nationals can visit the UK for business purposes provided that their activities are restricted to permitted business-related activities only.

Business travellers of some nationalities are required to obtain a visit visa.

Non-UK national business travellers can stay for up to six months per visit but are not able to carry out productive work in the UK. This will usually mean that entering for the purposes of a meeting or a conference is allowable. However, other activities such as work-related training, will require an assessment of whether the activity is permitted as a business visitor, and whether it amounts to training on the job or carrying out productive work.

Where an employer needs a worker who is employed overseas to carry out productive work in the UK, it should consider alternatives to requiring the individual to travel, for example using remote technical options or having the work carried out by local workers or others who do not need additional immigration permission. Alternatively, the individual may need to obtain a visa that allows them to work.

Following Brexit, the same rules apply to European Economic Area (EEA) nationals (other than Irish nationals) as to other foreign nationals.