Do employees who will become the legal parents of a child under a surrogacy arrangement have access to any family-friendly rights?

Where a child is born to a surrogate mother, the intended parents can become the child's legal parents by applying for a parental order. One of the intended parents must be genetically related to the child and the child must live with the intended parents.

Where a couple has a parental order in relation to a child, or is applying for one, one of the parents can be eligible for adoption leave and pay and the other can be eligible for paternity leave and pay. The couple must elect which of them will take adoption leave. An employee who takes adoption leave in these circumstances can curtail their adoption leave and take shared parental leave with the other parent, provided that the parents both meet the relevant eligibility requirements.

Employees who intend to apply for a parental order and expect to become the child's legal parents in a surrogacy situation have the right to unpaid time off work to accompany the birth mother to up to two antenatal appointments.