Is an employer required to pay a member of the reserve forces during any period of military service?

No. The employer is not required to pay employees their normal salary during any period of military service. During this time the employee will be in receipt of service pay from the Ministry of Defence. Where the employee's service pay is lower than their normal pay or they have to pay for benefits such as health or life insurance that the employer has stopped paying for because of the period of service, the employee will also receive a "reservist's award" to mitigate their financial losses. The amount that can be awarded is capped at £400 per day, or £822 in the case of accredited medical consultants serving with the Defence Medical Services, less the employee's service pay.

A reservist may also claim an "allowable expenses award" for certain expenses incurred as a result of the period of service, such as additional childcare costs. Where the employer suspends payments to an occupational pension scheme during the period of service, the employee can apply for continuation of the payments, so long as they remain in the scheme and pay any contributions required of them.