What is the role of the reinstatement committee where a reservist applies to be reinstated following his or her demobilisation?

The reinstatement committee is an independent tribunal that can make an order for an employer to reinstate a reservist into a particular role or on particular terms and conditions, and/or pay him or her compensation, where the employer fails to comply with its duty to reinstate the reservist following his or her demobilisation. For example, a reservist may apply to the reinstatement committee if he or she believes that it would have been reasonable and practicable for the employer to reinstate him or her to the job in which he or she was employed prior to mobilisation, but the employer has failed to do so. Or, where the employer offers a reservist an alternative job, the reservist may apply to the committee if he or she believes that the employer has not offered him or her the job on the most favourable terms that could be offered in the circumstances. Both the employer and the reservist can appeal the decision of the reinstatement committee.